Anthony Joshua Flirted With Man City Ace Riyad Mahrez’s Wife ‘Rita Mahrez’, Secretly In Night Club


According to reports boxing champion Anthony Joshua was flirting with a football player, Mahrez’s wife in a bar.

Boxer Anthony Joshua had a secret flirtation with Rita Mahrez, wife of the Riyadh ash of Man City late at night.

Model and singer Rita, 26, was seen in the London club Tape on Friday with a hand on the knee of the heavyweight world champion.

And we can reveal she and Algeria skipper Riyad, 28 — dad to her two kids — have agreed a trial split and are living 200 miles apart.

“He approached the AJ on the way out and asked her to join him at his VIP table,” said a clubgoer.

“Rita, who was with a female pal, clearly thought AJ was incredibly hot. They then spent much of the evening laughing and flirting.

“He didn’t have a clue who she was. He simply thought she was a pretty girl and enjoyed their chat.

“But when the club owner pointed out she was Riyad’s wife, AJ got a bit awkward, and totally backed away.

“He explained he didn’t want to step on any toes or cause a scene, and that he’d be stupid to be seen doing anything in public. They left with friends at 3am, but got into separate cars.

Source: TheSun UK

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