The action of a fan of BBNaija housemate, Erica, has left Nigerian netizens shocked.


The said fan took things to a completely unexpected spiritual level as she was cursing Vee on Twitter, in a fetish way.

The fan, with the handle, @AmakaNnamanii took to the social networking platform to share a photo that’s taken a lot of users aback.

In the shocking post, a photo of Vee can be seen on smartphone which was placed in between lit candles and other fetish materials.

The user wrote that Vee’s relationship would go sour and won’t go scot-free for gossiping about Erica and Kiddwaya.

@AmakaNnamanii wrote on Twitter:

“Nobody can hate on d star gyal and go scord free. Erica is only nice to u Vee. For dis, u will regret gossipin Erica or Kidd. #kiddrica #stupid #veehive #warning we r not afraid to condemn u stupid bitter girl. Ur relationship will sour like dat lime Ewu. #bbnaija #Elite rock”

Here’s how some netizens reacted to the post below,

@semilicious2: This is not Erica’s stan..I just reported this handle..Erica and vee are product of Grace and nobody can bring them agenda must agend we see u

@AkosuaMami: Woozy faceWoozy face has it gotten to this ? this is too much … The whole elites will be dragged for nothing damn!!

@Sonwa42706008: This is a disclaimer. We Elites do not support this. As a matter of fact she is not one of us. She did this deliberately to tarnish our image
Peace and Love

@sharon_fabulous: Can y’all stop, I actually thought this was Photoshopped, it’s actually real? What’s this madness for?