At Dorathy Bachor 25th birthday today, 4th November, 2020 and it was graced with her die-hards fans, friends and family.


The eventful occasion saw the lovely being gifted with a Mercedes Benz car from her fans which was much to her surprise as it was to many others.

A video that’s now making the rounds on social media shows the moment that actress and former housemate, Erica graced the birthday party, where she embraced Dorathy and celebrated her.

Whilst greeting the celebrant and acknowledging the cheers from the guests present, fans couldn’t help but notice a sight that literally didn’t stop staring at her as she greeted Dorathy… this sight, belonged to the fifth edition winner, Laycon.

It’s no doubt that Laycon had a very huge crush on Erica while they were in the house and so many times, he tried his best to win her heart but unfortunately didn’t.

While a lot might feel that the rapper has gotten over her, the look he wore on his face as he watched Erica embrace Dorathy has got many pondering whether his feelings for her still exist.

Watch the video below:


Source: YabaleftOnline