Big Brother housemate Laycon has disclosed in a chat with Dorathy how he caught his ex-girlfriend in bed with another man in her house.

Laycon told Dorathy how he controlled himself and walked away without a word.


Read their chats below……

Dorathy: In her house or where?

Laycon: In her house.

Dorathy: I thank God o. No one can…

Laycon: Na from there I know say my level of self control don high. I did not even do anything. I just left.

Dorathy: What were you doing there in the first place? Do you went to her house?

Laycon: To go and see my girlfriend. What kind of talk is that? It doesn’t mean I should pull up now. It was in 2016. I did not know that time. On my way to school, I just decided to branch into her house. I have been buzzing to do that.

Dorathy: When you don’t do that, another guy don pull up. Sorry my dear.

Laycon: That was my excuse. She’s older than me. It’s not like I always pursue older women o.

Dorathy: Wait, What about Erica? (Dorathy shouted suddenly) Laycon o! Exposed! Exposed!

Laycon: It’s just once. Erica is not that older than me. It’s only months.

Dorathy: It’s finished.

Laycon: I don’t know she’s older and she doesn’t know I am younger. After then, I commot. I no talk anything and she no call me. Two days later, She came to my school to come and see me. She said we need to talk and I say no wahala

Source: Ghgossip