Nigerian rapper and Big Brother Naija 2020 winner, Olamilekan Agbeleshe, generally referred to as Laycon, believes that one person in a country is not enough to bring change.


He made this point during a live Instagram chat with BBNaija, Katung’s season 1 winner, where he demonstrated his intellect outside the lockdown house for the umpteenth time.

In his words: 

The unification of Germany would not have been possible without minds like Otto Van Bismark and he didn’t necessarily have to become a chancellor at first.

The end of the Napoleonic war would not have been possible without the likes of Fouche and Talleyrand, they were not ruling France. So there are certain individuals who can shape and try and influence the state of a nation or country to positive light without actually ruling it.

It takes more than one man to change the country, not just the president alone. What about other people who make rules? What about the people in the senate or the people in the house of rep, because the way our own system of government works, it’s not down to one man.”