Although it came as no surprise that male housemates like Praise, Neo, Tricky Tee and Laycon had the best time to show off their dance moves, during their house party last night, the show’s fans were left gob-smacked with Brighto who also galantly established his presence on the dance floor.


Since then, many viewers have taken to social media with funny memories of Brighto and how he has gone from the holy evangelist to one who has had the best time in his life loving female housemates.

Erica was however not one of those female housemates as she abruptly shoved shoved him off at the party when he tried to get down with her.

That singular act just might have ruined Brighto’s night and whatever chance he might have thought of having with Erica. Prior to the party, both of them had a wonderful day dancing at the hall during the warm-up for the night party.

Brighto thought it would have been much fun if he made a move again at the party floor but was pushed away by Erica without looking at his face.

She probably was angry at Kiddwaya for reaching out for her boobs while they danced and never wanted to dance with anyone again.

Watch the video below: