In a previous video, Goodluck accused Bobrisky of trying to sleep with him, which is why he wanted to help them in the first place, but he didn’t help them again after he declined to have $3x with him as he desired.



Bobrisky replying Goodluck called him a fraudster saying a lot of people warned him on his Instagram page not to help the boy and his grandmother because they are fraudsters referring him to some people they have scammed.

But then he went ahead to invite them to see for himself and sent them to a hotel after eating in his house but got to realize that they both smoke heavily when they returned to his house in the morning so they could talk more.

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According to Bobrisky, that really got him upset and he shouted at both of them for being disappointing and they later apologize but then insisted on going back to their village after they realized that he has caught them as scams.

Bobrisky also added that he helped Goodluck and his grandmother by spending over N900 n and giving them money to fix their house but hasn’t got any evidence to show that Goodluck and his grandmother actually fix it and that is how their relationship ended in a way.