Bovi, who recently shared a new photo of himself, said that his new name is Bovi Jesus, and a follower who believes he is incorrectly using the name Jesus warned him about the spiritual ramifications of the name he is adopting.




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According to the follower, Bovi is approaching his peak therefore he shouldn’t destroy his career by joking with things that are sacred like the name he’s taking because it will be difficult to trace as the name is sacred hence he shouldn’t joke with it.

Bovi on the other hand sees nothing wrong with the name he took hence slammed the follower who was trying to read spiritual meaning into his post calling him ‘ode’ as it’s just a name he took and nothing serious about it.

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The name Jesus is been used by a lot of people as some parents even name their children Jesus therefore Bovi adding the name Jesus to his name isn’t a bad thing but then this follower of his thinks he’s making fun of the name.

Jesus is a name everyone uses but then our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s name isn’t used or mentioned in vain and that is what the follower was trying to make Bovi understand but couldn’t do it in the right way and that made Bovi insult him.

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