Wonders they say will never end as Mr Francis Onachukwu and his wife Mrs Eunice Onachukwu have been arrested by the Delta State Police Command for stylishly selling their 3-month-old baby to their shepherd.

Several neighbors who spoke on anonymity revealed that since the child’s sudden disappearance, the couple purchased a new car, which they all claim is from their child’s proceeds they sold.


The couple denied the allegations but confessed to having offered their child to their pastor as a first fruit offering written in the bible but denied selling the innocent child after much pressure.

After several inquiries, the Pastor revealed that the couple told her that they wanted to sell their child because they knew that I had my child yet, they asked for 2 million naira but we later settled at 1.8 million naira.

Speaking of the strength of the findings, the Delta State Public Relations Officer, Pius Azubuike said that the suspects will be prosecuted for child trafficking as soon as I get to trial.