A new study published in The Lancet identified who is at greatest risk of coronavirus death.


Coronavirus infections in the UK reached 370 this week, leading to widespread concern over the spread of the disease.

Now a new study has showed who’s at the highest risk of coronavirus dying. The

study, published in The Lancet, analyzed 191 disease patients in two Wuhan hospitals— the area where the virus originated.

Theresults revealed that being older, showing signs of sepsis, and having problems with blood clotting are the main risk factors associated with increased risk of virus death.

Dr Zhibo Liu, co-author of the study, said: ”Older age, showing signs of sepsis on admission, underlying diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes , and the prolonged use of non-invasive ventilation were important factors in the deaths of these patients.

“Poorer outcomes in older people may be due, in part, to the age-related weakening of the immune system and increased inflammation that could promote viral replication and more prolonged responses to inflammation, causing lasting damage to the heart, brain, and other organs.”

Meanwhile, the study also suggests that recovered patients may remain infectious for longer than previously thought.