A bride in Abuja fled from her wedding ceremony after she was told that her husband-to-be cheated on her days to their wedding.

Source revealed the unidentified lady found out while in the car to their wedding venue that her groom slept with a close friend a couple of days to their wedding at Area2, Garki, Lagos.


The bride immediately stepped down of the car and ran away but bridesmaids pursued her to prevent her from doing something bad to herself and also calm her down.

A video trending online captured the moment the distraught bride was uncontrollably crying as people tried to console her.

Reacting to this issue, some social media users slammed her for falling for that set up as running away was the dumbest thing she did.

“Someone came to inform you that your husband to be slept with someone you know few days to your wedding and you called it off, sorry sis you just played yourself,” a man said.