Big Bother housemate Kiddwaya disgraced Nengi as a female housemate who tried to distract him and tried to flirt with him as he was busy rehearsing for his task.


It’s no hidden secret that Nengi’s housemate has had eyes for Kiddwaya’s housemate since they arrived at the Naija house.

Although Erica dated Kiddwaya, Nengi still had eyes for Kiddwaya. Nengi has been seen doing subtle advances at Kiddwaya on several occasions.

During their preparation of their Patricia Brand sponsored Task, Nengi was seen all over Kiddwaya making gestures for him to notice and hold her.

While she was trying to make advances at Kiddwaya, he was seen pushing her away but she still persisted. Kiddwaya then stood up and told Ozo to come and take her away.