When a troll commented on a picture of Daddy Freeze and his family riding in town with their nose masks on, the troll asked why they were all wearing them, and Daddy Freeze responded with a savage comment.




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According to Daddy Freeze, he and his family are wearing masks to prevent malaria since the troll has no idea that wearing a mask prevents one from contracting or infect others if any of them is positive hence went savage on the troll.

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Netizens reacting to his reply to the troll applauded him for giving the troll a smart reply but then think it’s not intelligent on his part as he could have used the opportunity to educate the troll who probably has no idea about covid-19.

He went ahead to savagely replied another who was clueless of the reason why they were wearing a double mask saying it’s to prevent double malaria like the one killing people in India so he doesn’t want his family to die of that.

screenshot below;

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