Laycon, the winner of BBNaija 2020, turned to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction with the way people are currently talking down on him.


He took to his page and wrote, “You know I left Liberia this morning thinking of Nigeria and how much I miss everything here. I landed in Abuja after multiple hours of connecting flights and turbulence, came online to see my people talking down on my name”.

After Laycon made this statement on his Twitter page, a Nigerian man retweeted Laycon’s post and advised him to go apologize to former BBNaija housemate Erica for tarnishing the image of Erica because of his ambitions to win the show. He says that his actions made a lot of people talk down on Erica.

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According to the social media user, Laycon forgot that Karma exists.

He tweeted back, “Laycon, I don’t applaud the critics but when u tried tarnishing Erica’s reputati¤n in BBN cos u were overly ambitious to win the show which made people talk d¤wn on her name, u f¤rgot karma exists; Go ask her & the people u have wronged for forgiveness. All the best in ur career.”

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Twitter users have reacted to the advise given to Laycon by the man. Read some reactions below…

@Vanilicious: The Laycon guy to dey do pity party. And that shit is so annoying

@Idowu: Laycon and Erica are good people and are doing great….the fans I think is d problem….and for ur info asking Laycon to go beg for forgiveness after being insulted and body shamed…nah Laycon should instead b applauded for sweeping dat faithful night under d carpet.

@Oya: Very sweet Karma

@ICON: Please next time when you mention Karma along side Lay mention it in full. KARMA IS A SWEETHEART