Dorathy disclosed in an interview with Kemi Filani news that she became depressed after losing two jobs, but that she still wanted to do business and needed an avenue through which she could be seen, hence her decision to participate in BBNaija.


” I was just that girl hustling and trying to make ends meet but it wasn’t working. I could not maintain one job and I remember that I was running two jobs.

However, I got fired from one and had to leave the second one too. I also got frustrated but I knew that business was what I really wanted to do.

I wanted a platform where people could see me and know what I do. That was why I went into the show (BBN).”

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She revealed that even after coming out of the Lockdown house when the reality show had ended, he did not spend a kobo on her money because people and fans were gifting her items and cash.

“For two months after the show, I did not use my money to buy anything. I was constantly getting gifts and I still do not understand it.

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I felt that because people watched me every day and there is something about me they can relate to, they wanted to show me love and give me gifts.”