Go on dates: When we talk about energizing your relationship, we mean making your husband or wife love and, like you were again, making him / her happy for a particular purpose could be due to the fact that you’ve been through a lot of times based on querels.


Now as a woman or man who wants to uplift his or her relationship or marriage is expected to go on a date and it should be a suprise date.

Examples: going out to watch movies, picnics, vaccation in other to free your minds from work and other stress.

While going on the date, you should make him or her know that its for only the both of you that friends are not invited.

Plan to have a good s*x: Couples sometimes do not have s*x regularly like before when they were in a relationships because of different reasons or the other.

When we talk about s*x it deals with a connection between the two of you but why trying to revive your relationship you must paln a better s*x.

1. Always plan to have s£x, and stick to it because plans without actions are seen to be very useless.

2.Getting plans ready will make you happy ahead of time

Please yourself, Be honest about what makes you org@sm and what hurts or bores you. Ask for what you want, being selfless k1lls s£x.

Always touch yourselves: Touching your self is a powerful means of creating that affection even if your s*x life is not that wondeful but always touching yourselfs will help.

Always touch each other by k1ssing him/her before leaving the house.

Requesting to help in brushing his hair or her hair why he or she is dressing.

Offering to wear him his tie why he is preparing and also offering to wear her shoes on her by your self.

This helps to build a very strong connection between the husband and the wife,also having eye contact why conversing in a discussion helps too.

Always take trips together: Taking a trip together means going to places you both have never been together before and also trying new things from the old things you usually do before.

If you are the type that cant travel far, then take her out leave the house even if it is to go to a motel then spend time together try new things dont do exactly what you both usually do.