Husband beats wife into coma for sleeping with another man on their matrimonial bed

The 35-year-old man identified as Kofi Bandoli has been arrested for beating his wife into a coma, after he caught her on her wedding bed in Awutu Bereku, Ghana, having sex with another man.


The man went to work, according to sources, and tried to call his wife who was at home but failed several times to reach her. Instead, he decided to go home and see because there was something unusual.

When the man came home, he heard somebody moaning in the bedroom. He dismissed that his wife would never cheat him, and so the curious side of him pushed him to open a door little and peak in, just to find his wife sweating abundantly when with her lover on their matrimonial beds.

Thriveled and angry with what he saw, Kofi Bandoli hit his wife and beat her hard, until it fell into a coma. Her lover sensing danger ran for his life.

More details coming soon.