Joan Obwaka alias Yummy Mommy is a digital content creator and a mom of three beautiful kids. Ethan, Keni and Tana.


Yummy Mummy is always open about a lot of her personal life although lately she has kept her husband Zack on the low. She still posts her children which we all love.

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Today on instagram she posted a story on how she likes to dress and the reasons she hate wearing underwears.

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She posted that ‘ I don’t like to wear shapewares at all.even bras and underwears most of the days I don’t she then said I find them constrictive;.

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She then when to explain that people want to make money out of women for selling to them shapewares,push up bras.yummy mummy then said she only wear them when their is need for her to wear them .

What do you ladies think about not wear anything under your clothes ?