Comedian Mr. Jollof has revealed that he has quit smoking and has pushed other smokers to do the same, claiming that he is done for good.


Mr. Jollof in a post shared on Instagram disclosed that from today, he has stopped smoking for life and he isn’t condemning any smoker but then they can continue with their smoking when they like and as for him, he’s done.

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Mr. Jollof also shared a video of himself burning his last cigarettes as he quits smoking for life after realizing that smoking isn’t good for his health and has urged all other smokers to follow suit, not as a reason to judge them but help them.

Mr. Jollof once said smoking is medicinal to the body but it appears that mentality has changed and now he has realized that it’s not good for him hence has quit smoking and has burnt all his cigarettes left.

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Burning all his cigarettes is the first step for Mr. Jollof and he will need the love and support from friends and loved ones to be able to gon on this new path that he has decided to take if not he might go back to smoking in no time.

 On the 14 day of July I stopped smoking for life 🙏🙏🙏🙏 I am not condemning smokers o you can continue but for me I don hang boot 🥾

he wrote


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