Although some men admit that they are responsible for all bills when they go out for dinner or lunch on a date, others believe that it is a joint duty that requires well-cultured and discerning women to own up to their responsibility and pay for their own food, or better yet, pay for her man as well.

Jane, a Nigerian lady who goes by the handle @Janethelady, shared an incredible experience she had on a date with a man in this fascinating narration.

Jane revealed that after they finished eating at a restaurant on their date, the man declined to pay for her because he only cared for himself.

According to her, that she only ate a plate of fish pepper soup, grilled chicken, and one plate of rice. She also agreed to take a bottle of cold water and one drink.

“Went on a date with this guy and he legit told me that he can’t pay for what I ate, who does that???”

She added;

”For those asking what I ate, I ate only one plate of fish pepper soup, grilled chicken, one plate of rice, I took one bottle water and one drink. Is that too much?”

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