The iPhone 12 is said to acquire several big camera updates, and more to beat its main rival.

The cameras on the iPhone 12 need to be something special. There wasn’t much wrong with the triple rear sensors of the iPhone 11 Pro, but now that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is in here with its 108MP sensor and Space Zoom, the pressure is on.


That’s why we’re very keen to hear the latest leaks from prolific leaker Max Weinbach in a new video told YouTuber EverythingApplePro.

Since the iPhone 6S, Apple has continued to use the same 12MP resolution for its cameras, and can eventually upgrade to a larger 64MP sensor for its main objective. That would take it ahead of many of its rivals, including the 48MP Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus, but right behind the 108MP Galaxy S20 Ultra, at least in terms of raw megapixels.

iPhone 12 Pro camera upgrades

While the iPhone 12 Pro will reportedly keep the same triple camera array, it will also be getting a time-of-flight sensor, according to Weinbach. This is something we’ve heard and suspected before, so it’s good to have it reconfirmed. With a TOF sensor added, the iPhone 12 Pro would in theory be able to make create more compelling portraits and offer much better performance when running AR apps.

Apple’s Night Mode, currently only available on the main sensor, will reportedly have expanded functionality on the iPhone 12, too. Weinbach says that the telephoto and ultra-wide sensors will have the ability to use the low-light mode in the camera app, making these sensors more versatile.

The ultra-wide camera may get better in low-light conditions overall, having its aperture increased in size from f1.8 to f1.6, letting more light into the lens for brighter shots.

Other assorted leaks from Weinbach include an improved HDR mode, or “Smart XDR” in Apple marketing speak.

iPhone 12 Pro Max: Even bigger battery

There’s also a 4,400 mAh battery coming to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, an increase of around 400 mAh over the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is a welcome change that will help Apple keep the overall battery life of its phones from a backslide.

There’s also the repeated rumor that Apple will have a 120Hz display and a 5G-compatible modem installed on the next iPhone, which will be an important change since the Galaxy S20 series have both of these features already.

And what about iPhones beyond the 12? Apparently Apple’s looking into improving Face ID so it works via a periscope module, allowing the notch that currently sits i on the front of the phone to be shrunk. Since Apple is currently one of the only manufacturers seemingly sticking with the notch for the long haul, any effort to make it less obtrusive is very welcome.