In the video, the lady was in a state of confusion after she was asked why she decided to steal from him when he wasn’t at home.

The guy whose voice could be heard in the background said he left the house and just came back to find out that his MacBook wasn’t in the house.

He then decided to search his closet where he had stored his money, and to his surprise, he realized that GHC35,000.00 had been stolen from his closet.

It looked like the prime suspect was his girlfriend, whom he left at home before he went out. Then he tracked her down and brought her to his house to justify herself.

The guy in the video together with a friend of his asked the lady to explain why she took the laptop and sent it to be formatted, she didn’t have any reply for them.

Again, she was asked where she hid the money. She refused to reveal it but sensing the harm that’ll come her way, she slowly and shamefully scooped the money from on top of the air-conditioner where she hid it.

Watch the video below: