A video capturing the moment a madman and his pregnant girlfriend roam the street, interspersed with some love-dovey moments, is currently gaining traction on social media.

According to a rumor on the grapevine, the two had been lovers for quite some time before the lady became heavily pregnant. Their names, as well as the events that led to their current mental handicap, have not been revealed.

Meanwhile, concerns have been raised about the lady and how she can take proper care of the unborn child and after she delivers.

Their predicament has brought to the fore how widespread mental illness has become in this part of the world.

According to Mayo Clinic, mental illness, also called mental health disorders, refers to a wide range of mental health conditions — disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior.

Examples of mental illness include depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders and addictive behaviors.

Many people have mental health concerns from time to time. But a mental health concern becomes a mental illness when ongoing signs and symptoms cause frequent stress and affect your ability to function.

A mental illness can make you miserable and can cause problems in your daily life, such as at school or work, or in relationships.

In most cases, symptoms can be managed with a combination of medications and talk therapy (psychotherapy).

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