The fight between Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay in a salon in the  States has been widely reported on social media.

When they suddenly met in a saloon, Tiwa Savage was seen in the video lambasting Seyi Shay for her hypocrisy.

Tiwa Savage lost her cool after Seyi Shay approached her to exchange pleasantries after previously defaming her.

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Seyi was regarded by Tiwa as having a disgusting spirit.

Seyi Shay who also got angry slammed Tiwa as the two were seen exchanging words while the other occupants of the saloon tried to calm them down. Tiwa swore with her son that she has never spoken ill of Seyi even after she badmouthed her in the past.

The main reason why Tiwa Savage and Seyi bear grudges amongst themselves is because Seyi Shay released a diss song titled “Crazy” which was an indirect shade to Tiwa Savage.

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According to the lyrics of the song, Seyi threw shade saying that someone she calls her sister was busily snatching her boyfriend away from her.

But because she has kept her distance from the supposed “sister” snatching her lover away from her, the supposed sister is mad at her.

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Source: Flvibe