When a man proposes to a woman, the anticipated response is usually one of excitement and emotional outburst on her part.

The norm is increasingly evolving, as shown by a man’s emotional reaction to his girlfriend accepting his marriage proposal.

On Twitter, the woman who accepted his proposal is known as @Gracymama1, and she is the one who shared the video of her man proposing and weeping after she accepted.

The lover man surprised her with an engagement ring in what seemed like a regular social gathering and her reaction was one of shock.

However, in a follow up clip, she showed her boyfriend-turned-fiancée laying his head on her chest and sniffling as his eyes were heavy with tears while he fought to hold them back.

She recorded and mocked him for being more emotional than her, but he told her to stop.

She captioned the proposal video;

”U always scold me 4 opening my car door myself 

U constantly kept reminding me how I need 2 act like a Queen so my man can treat me like 1

U consciously remind me of being myself & living my life d way I want regardless

OMO! Meeting U changed me fr

Thank U 4 Making Life BEAUTIFUL”

While the video of her fiancée being emotional was shared with the caption;

”Person wey Dey engage different from person wey Dey cry Face with tears of joy


It’s the ACCENT for me”

Watch the videos: