The news of a Nigerian man who allegedly caught a Blue Marlin fish days ago in Warri, Delta State, and ate it with his village people without knowing its financial worth began circulating on social media yesterday, with many slamming the villagers for eating what could have been the entire community’s fortune and future.


One of the reports which was sourced on social media stated;

This man reportedly caught a Blue Marlin fish days ago in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria and killed it. Little did he know that he has eaten the wealth for his generations to come. learnt that the young man, named Zion Godwin, whose photos went viral as the fisherman who caught the Blue Marlin fish isn’t the person who actually caught the fish and this did not happen in Warri, Delta State, as was reported.

Zion had taken to his Facebook page to post photos of himself with the fish as he was an eyewitness, not knowing he was going to go viral as the fisherman who captured the fish.

Capture 3


The Blue Marlin fish was caught by an aged fisherman named, Sir Gilbert Claude Otuene, who hail from Ngo Town, the Headquarters of Andoni Local Government Area of River State.

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Sir Gilbert Claude Otuene is residing and fishing at Oyorokotor fishing settlement in Rivers State, one of the largest fishing ports in West Africa, very close to the Atlantic ocean, where he caught the Blue Marlin fish.

Sir Gilbert is said to have the luck of catching rare and big fishes as a family member of his revealed that some years ago, he also experienced this same blessing (See the photo below).

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It is worth noting that the villagers did not know the actual fish that Sir Gilbert caught as they referred to it as a big Swordfish known in Obolo language as Asuka.

The Swordfish has a very close resemblance with the Blue Marlin, therefore one won’t blame them for devouring the fish.

This doesn’t mean they would have acted differently if they had known it was a Blue Marlin as they wouldn’t have also known its financial value.

The Blue Marlin fish is one of the fastest fishes on earth and one of the top sporting fishes in the world. A Blue Marlin fish is valued at about $31,000 per pound which is about N14.5 million.

More photos:

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