Any Nigerian Twitter user who uses the microblogging platform on a regular basis has undoubtedly seen the viral picture of a child receiving a gift while wearing a funny frown.


The photo has been used as a meme for a variety of discussions and reactions in recent weeks.

In the midst of the trend, the Nigerian man who took the picture many years ago has finally spoken out.

man angry kid2

The young man with Twitter handle @EvansTed101 claimed it was his photo as he placed a present snap of himself beside it using the “How it started vs How it’s going” tag.

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man angry kid

Interestingly, not long after he surfaced and identified himself, he started receiving multiple DMs, but one that stood out for him was that of a Twitter user asking for his bank account details.

“Someone just asked for my account number and sent me money”, he tweeted.

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@EvansTed101 whose real name is Tedunjaiye Evans, obliged and before he could get a chance to out the person for giving him false hope, he received an alert.

He took to Twitter to tell followers of the money sent to him as she shared a screenshot of his chat with the anonymous benefactor.