Nigerian Woman Sent Home For Wearing Hijab From Work In The USA (Video)


After Nigerian employees have been asked to leave because she was wearing hijab, a restaurant in Texas apologized.

Folake Adebola, 22, admitted she felt “disrespected” when she was asked to take off her hijab by her boss and colleagues in Chicken Express ‘ fort Worth, Texas restaurant.

She said in August she was converted to Islam and in October she was recruited from Chicken Express. She told her friends that she will soon start wearing a hijab.

But on Monday, as she began to wear her, she said her colleagues didn’t welcome her.

She said ; 

“I converted to Islam not too long ago and I started wearing my hijab, I went to work today and was kicked out because my hijab was not apart the “ dress code” apparently and I wasn’t allowed to wear it. Don’t come to the chicken express in Fort Worth!!”

“Lemme say this I converted in August. I didn’t start working there till October in the hand book they say they have “equal opportunity for every religion “ so yes I felt comfortable working there. I told my manager that I am Muslim and that I was waiting on my hijabs to come in,

“And everything was cool until it was brought up again between him and another employee”, she wrote on Twitter.In the video she shared, the manager of the company was seen informing her she could not wear the hijab as she must follow what is in the Chicken Express employee handbook which says only the uniform are to be worn. He insisted;

“Your job is your job. Your job has nothing to do with religion. The job requires a specific uniform. (The hijab) is not a part of the uniform; you as a paid employee cannot wear it,”

Below is the video;