We reported earlier today on the death of famous Nigerian comedienne Mmesoma Mercy Obi, also known as Ada Jesus, who died this morning, April 21.


Ada Jesus had been battling kidney failure and had just spent her birthday on a hospital bed.

Following her death, Nigerians have slammed famous actress Rita Edochie and celebrity prophet Odumeje Chukwuemeka on social media for allegedly ‘killing’ the 27-year-old comedienne.

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Ada Jesus had previously released a video from her hospital bed, pleading for help and prayers from fans and well-wishers in Nigeria.

While many people prayed for her, others urged her to seek forgiveness, claiming that she had been disrespectful to pastors, native doctors, and many other prominent people in most of her posts, and that her illness was not typical.

Following this, her family took her round to seek for forgiveness from different people she had provoked in her social media videos which included Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje, and Actress Rita Edochie.

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However when she was taken to Prophet Odumeje’s church to seek for forgiveness from the man of God and Rita Edochie who is also a member of the church. They bluntly refused to forgive her as they rained more curses on her.

Odumeje and Rita Edochie’s actions were publicly condemned by many social media users who blasted them for not acting like true Christians.

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Now that Ada Jesus has died, many Nigerians are not taking it easy with the clergyman and the actress as they have stormed their social media pages to slam them. See some of the comments they have posted on some of their social media posts below;

On Rita Edochie’s posts;

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On Odumeje’s posts;

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