OMG Groom Plays Video of Cheating Bride in Bed With Her Brother-In-Law on Wedding Day (Video)

A wedding groom played his bride’s picture, which seemed to cheat with her brethren during her wedding, on a big screen, in front of family and friends, which went virally in China.

The groom found his fiancée had an affair with the husband of his pregnant sister, as reported in on-line news.

The wedding is confirmed to have taken place last Thursday in Fujian Province in South East China– but the whole incident was said to be a marketing ploy.

A clip shows the pair who pass the aisle and stand at their wedding banquet on a stage.

Them Few seconds later, the projection X-rated video starts to play before the bride says: “You didn’t think I knew?”

Then the woman threw her husband bouquet.

Soon after, their families and friends split them, mail records online.

The two videos are the bride and her brethren’s graphic films.

The Chinese media announced that the pair had been in contact two years ago and had been engaged six months ago.

It is said that after the installation of a secure camera in their future home during a renovation project, the groom found out about his bride’s affair.

An popular blogger from China alleged that the bride deceived the man after he was subjected to domestic violence.

When he promised to pay for the flat and a car for their wedding, she reportedly agreed to marry him.

Watch video below: