Ozo complains bitterly about Kiddwaya leaving the HOH lounge dirty and messed up

Big Brother’s housemate, Ozo on Monday, became the first home cousin to win the house challenge for the second time .


Previous winners of the head of House Challenge where, Lucy, Nengi, Erica, Kiddwaya.

The previous head of house was Kiddwaya, and apparently he wasn’t able to maintain the head of house lounge as the new head of house Ozo was seen complaining to his deputy in a conversation.

Ozo to Nengi: look at how dirty this place is

Nengi who was Surprised at what she saw had this to say (what! I come to the head of the house lounge and I have to start cleaning)

Ozo to Nengi again: these guys have to clean it.

Ozo claims to have left the head of house lounge neat enough and Nengi replied in affirmation that she also left the head of house lounge neat.

Kiddwaya however apologized to them for messing up the Head of House lounge.