Two women are seen in a video circulating on social media fighting inside a church in Umuahia, Abia state.


The incident, according to sources, occurred between the pastor’s wife and a member of the Church.

Sunday Ogirima, a Facebook user who published the video online, claimed the woman in the blue dress is his pastor’s wife, while the other lady is a church member.


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The women fighting inside this Church are TST. The mummy on blue is Mrs Akaa wife of our Pastor in Umuahia District. The lady receiving the heat is the daughter of the Deaconess who is on top of the Pastor’s wife. They are our TST warriors fighting themselves inside the Church.

My conscience will not be at rest if I see this and close my mouth when I know that if it is TAG that did it I will not spare them.

We speak the truth even if it affects us.

Some may not like me for doing this against TST Family but it doesn’t matter. I’m very sorry but I have to do this. I will still do the same thing again to show others that while we condemn TAG for being rebellious and rejecting peace and Reconciliation in AG Nigeria we don’t have immunity or license to act the same way and be free.”

Watch Video below: