A Florida woman was arrested and charged after she found her boyfriend dead in a suitcase. She said they played hide and seek.


A Florida woman has been arrested on charges of leaving her boyfriend for dead after zipping him in a suitcase. Sarah Boone told the police when she zipped him inside a suitcase that she and her boyfriend were playing hide & seek.

Police didn’t even buy it. Though a Cell phone video footage raised concerns about her story because her boyfriend Jorge Torres can be heard screaming from inside the suitcase for assistance. “I feel like that when you cheat on me,” she said reportedly in response.

Upon waking up, Boone called the police to find Torres dead in the suitcase. She explained to the police that, when they thought it would be funny if he jumped inside the suitcase, she and Torres were playing hide. Boone told police they had been drinking and she eventually passed away while he was in the suitcase. He wasn’t alive by the time she woke.

The cell phone footage that police obtained is from Feb. 24th and 11:12 p.m. Torres is heard yelling for help but Boone responds,”For everything you’ve done to me, fuck you! Stupid!” as well as, “That’s on you. That’s what I feel like when you choke me.”

There was further suspicion after the suitcase was moved from its initial spot. Police have charged Sarah Boone with second-degree murder following the incident.