In her recent interview, the mother of the legendary female singer and songwriter Simisola Ogunleye, popularly known as Simi, has revealed that she used to be proud of her daughter as a virgin in a Stoopid session recently launched by Simi.


Her mother revealed in a snippet she posted on twitter, during one of the episodes she normally talked about the virginity of her daughter in church.

Simi’s Mom, Jedidiah Ogunleye said,

“Even in my church, I used to tell people my daughter is a virgin oh and she’s going to marry a virgin.”

The stunned Simi countered her mum saying;

“You used to boast about my virginity ?”

She replied:

“I’m telling you.”

Moreover, Simi is now married to the talented Nigerian artist, Adekunle Gold, and this has clearly confirmed that he has met his wife as a virgin.