Johnson, Mercy Okojie, who has moviegoers riveted to their seats every time she appears on screen because to her remarkable acting skills, can be seen in this video she released on her Instagram page in which she plays a rebellious maidservant in a royal family’s home.


Knowing the kind of person she was in the movie, she has beckoned his team not to playback her past because she could take her life as a result of her past life being played back for social media to see.

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She wrote;

@teammercyokojie stop replaying my past biko

4 in 1 breakfast. I can Key myself..



Here are some reactions to the her video below;

@Selz59 wrote;

The way you remain calm and defend yourself is just top notch


are you sure you are not mentally unstable . Before maybe but now no

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Are you always like this in real life?? I’d really like to meet with you in person


E pain that one, Shees like mum she is eating it 😂😂😂😂😂😂 abeg she can’t key herself ojare


They would have forced you to eat and finish that concoction you prepared


How did you keep a straight face saying that nonsense😂😂😂😂such a character