The Dick Feels Better When It’s Coming From A Hardworking Man” – Cardi B Praises Offset

Cardi B has always been able to voice her affection for her husband Offset, and sometimes with her choice of words she leaves us speechless.


Offset had its first luxury clothing partnership in the United States on Thursday, 16 January 2020 and a number of celebrities came to endorse it.

His wife Cardi B was also one of the participants. Via her Instagram page, she honoured Him with his praiseworthy work.

“Congrats babe on your bomb-ass fashion clothing collab with @chazajordan.I am so proud of you! From filming on two shows, recording and working on so many other things. The dick feels better when is coming from a hard-working man 💪🏽. I love you 😍,”

She wrote.

These guys made the headlines for all the good reasons in recent times. It was Offset’s birthday a few weeks ago and Cardi B was able to spoiled him.

A few days after the couple got themselves a beautiful mansion for Christmas.