In a video, she said she boarded a tinted minibus headed for St. Johns only to be met with men brandishing weapons and knives who threatened to kill anyone who spoke up.


She claims she witnessed the kidnappers murdering seven individuals in front of her because they were without children, but she was eventually spared since they think she is useless as a mother.

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She revealed that they were taken to a forest and cooler was opened where they saw human parts in them being sold to people coming to do business with the kidnappers and further called on the government to intervene as soon as possible because people are dying and the evil men are still doing their business slaughtering people and selling their body parts.

Watch Video below;

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Below is people’s Reaction:


As far as I’m concerned road trip is cancelled for now, be careful guys


Lai mohammed will come out and say it’s a lie. He ll say it’s opposition party and they paid this people to say this.


So much evil in this country. It has deteriorated so much and no where is safe again. Our prayer point has changed to survival. God help us


Oh my God,everybody reading this comment no evil eye shall ever see you.God pls protect us your children.


This is the 2nd victim coming out openly to complain about those people yet our security men are out there fighting innocent Biafra agitators


No be world Wan End So? abi which Kind Yeye Things dey happen for that Country like this sef ?