Enitimi Alfred Odom, better known by his stage name Timaya is a Nigerian singer and songwriter and one of the many artists out there with a baby mama or at he has two.


Timaya singer has currently shared some lessons that formed his perception regarding life, none of those experiences taught him valuable lessons regarding love and patience as much as fatherhood.

Speaking with Showtime, the father of two beautiful smart girls admitted that fatherhood has  educated him much about love and patience.

He made it clear that ,

“Fatherhood has educated me much concerning love and patience. Fatherhood has not deprived ME of anything; it’s been one of my biggest blessings.”

On  asking him whether or not he has in any way  regrets for having kids out of matrimony, he confirmed otherwise.

“I don’t have any regrets; everything has been a lesson and I’m grateful for them. I can’t think of something I’d change if given the chance to travel back in time.”

“I assume it’s very important to understand your kid and so trust and guide them with their any of their decisions,” he said.