From research, We have recorded a list of Top 10 Latest Job/Work 2021/2022


Lists Of 10 Latest Job/Work In 2021/2022 Below:

Poultry farming


Poultry farming is one of the latest job or work in Nigeria because it is very easy to create once you have the capital, people are into different kind of farming such as snail farming, fish farming,know that poultry farming is good ,cool business that anyone can manage just by taking care of chicks/birds, snails ,fish etc.

Tutorial services

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Tutorial Service can be done physically and online too and it technology has made it very popular in this century, the common subject thought is English language. Because many companies looks out for tutor who are well equipt in teaching and very fluent in English speaking to teach. Sometimes they accept undergraduate student, the most common customer usually are Indians, Koreans and Japanies who are not very conversant with English language.

Event planning

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Most people have no space or time to come up with a well planed party,so the deem it fit to employ someone or group of people to do it for them. Due the job is some how stressful but there are special organization and social skilled people who are good in event planning and they ground when it all about welfare be it wedding, funeral or birthday. They are ready and up to deliver there services.

Food cart franchising

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This require a little bit of money for capital to start but it very less expensive than running a restaurant, food carts is very popuar right now and it very cheap to buy, very delicious and sweet one mostly consuined by students and bachalors.

Baby setting

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Most families are always busy that they may have no time for their children then decides taking their children or baby to baby sitters who will take care of them and it mostly done by females who loves babies and like taking care of them.

You can make cool money from the comfort of your home. You can always help busy mummies take care of there child or babies when they are very busy with work.

Graphic Designer

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Being a good graphic designer with quality creative picture and colours, you can make  income by working as a graphic designer, for designing company logo, website bannen and book covers.

Online sales and marketing

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Way before now, we only have tele marketing as a marketing too but presently we have online marketing,every small business that has no capital to go for big distribution company can equally hire online marketer to sell and market their products in the different social platform mean while the job is similar to that of a call center agent, the different is that the company hires an individual to do the job art there doorpost.

Freelance and magazine writers

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This is one perfect job usually the only tools you need is the talent, drive and laptop to write well within a stable internet connection.

Most company need individuals who specialized in rethering such services as the sweetest true lies that you can write and earn your money from the base of your home or your comfort zone.

As a good and creative writer you can quality write for Bloggers,magazine company, press Release, newlaters, Mostly magazine companies pay expensively for good and inspirational articles or stories of which if you will able to do it always, you will always make cool income.

Mobile phone repair

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They are people gifted in repair electronics naturally and it very good for them to undergo training to become a professional in mobile phone specialist or become, P.C which is a wonderful creative job because everyone uses phone and people comes to repair there phone almost all day because it develops fault easily and repairing it is a good means of getting money.

 Professional bloggers

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Being a blogger is another better job and it gives cool cash but starting it some how be hard to manage reason been that the profit or income will not come till some month after but the early the profit depends on how much time and effort your invest in promoting your blog.

So you can easily share your knowledge and have a lot of people read them by becoming a bloger as a blogger it very massive to meet lots of people and make your money.