Nigerian music firm has been the face of the African music culture and buoyancy having produced top stars who boost the firm with extraordinary qualities. They show super high qualities in their songs which have so far staked Nigerian music as the African best and sometimes the best in the world.


From the efforts this stars has portrayed so far, they have been infused financially thereby making Nigerian music firm a place to admire for their artistes are billionaires. Many seek to know how far they have excelled which has thrust a long time exploration we have undergone on their net worth. If you aspire to know the top 5 richest afrobeat music artistes in Nigeria check out below.


$20 million

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The Nigerian superstar who is poorly known as Balogun Ibrahim Ayo is currently the richest Nigerian music star and has so far proved he worth it with his master class songs. Since gaining fame from his debut single “Hola at your boy” he has climbed a higher hierarchy releasing hit songs yearly.

From countless shows and endorsement deals he has earned so far, the Nigerian songwriter and singer is so far the richest Nigerian Afrobeat artiste with the net worth that ranges $20 million. It’s an honour to have been gifted such a star.


$19 million

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The favourite Omo Baba Olowo crooner will always remain an inspiration to many because no one believed he would make it at the top amidst his father’s financial status. He has been one of the pinnacles of transcending in the Nigerian music firm having dropped great hit songs and album.

David Adeleke remains the second richest Nigerian music artiste in Nigeria. His net worth ranges $19 million, just a bit closer to his rival’s net worth. He will always remain honoured for the energy he has brought to firm so far.

Burna Boy

$17 million 

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There is no doubt he is the giant of Africa having soured the identity of the Nigerian music firm globally from his iconic songs. Burna boy rose to fame with his single “Like to party” which is a lead single from his debut album L. I. F. E. Since his impact from his debut album went famous, he has infused his qualities and gave out the best which even earned him a Grammy recognition; he has bagged Grammy nomination 2 years in a row.

He is officially the third richest afrobeat music artiste in Nigeria who has bagged many awards and deals so far. His net worth counts $17 million making him the third richest music artiste in Nigeria.

2 face

$16 million

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One of the living father of Nigerian music firm who boosted the identity of the firm from the start is in no doubt the fourth richest Nigerian music artiste. His consistency in qualities has earned him a tremendous love from Nigerian citizens and Africa as a whole. Ranging from his hit songs like “African Queen” and “Dance in the rain” he has proved he worth his hierarchy so far. The Nigerian songwriter and singer remain one of the compatible artistes who has never dropped qualities for 20 years. It’s an honour.

He has a huge net worth of $16 million which has so far acquired him luxurious houses and cars. He is a king.


$12 million

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We are all blessed to have been gifted one of the Nigerian greatest rappers who have inspired thousands of dialectal rappers who think it’s never possible to win big with such talent. The Nigerian rapper and singer gained fame from his hit singles like “Introduction” and “Odurosoke” which earned him global recognition and he became one the greater star in Nigeria. Since his fame came through, the Nigerian superstar has been giving a class quality to the Nigerian music firm which has soured its identity.

He is in no doubt the fifth richest Nigerian music artiste with the Net worth of $12 million. Thousands thrill to associate with him. He is currently the CEO of YBNL record label where he has introduced a star like Fire Boy DML to the Nigerian music firm.