One of the suspects arrested and detained in relation to the rape and death of Uwaila Omozuwa has accused Uwa’s Pastor of being responsible for her death.


The suspect allegedly confessed that Uwa had become pregnant for the RCCG clergy and refused to abort it, as against his order, according to a journalist, Ayo Ademokoya. As planned together with his wife, this made him contract the hoodlums he paid 1.5million to have her killed so as to cover up his sins.

Ayo Ademokoya wrote: “The arrested suspect Mr Chibuzo confessed to DSS that it was the pastor of the RCCG who paid them 1.5 million naira to kill one student of the year UNIBEN.

According to our source, the pastor impregnated the girl and asked her to abort the baby, but the girl refused.

“So, the made arrangement for them to meet at their usual hangout spot which is the church, that was where the pastor set her up. He paid some hoodlums 1.5million and told them where to meet the girl.”


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“So, instead of seeing the pastor in the church, The girl met the hoodlums. After hitting her head with fire extinguisher, the hoodlums decided to have a taste of her before she died, so, they took their turns. The pastor did that to cover his sins but it has backfired.

“Both the pastor and his wife are on the run because they planed dastardly act together!”, Ayo Ademokoya reported.