Video As Househelp Caught On Third Attempt Of Poisoning His Boss And His Family With sniper


Househelp being identified as Uche Soroibe from Ideato in Imo State as has been nabbed with an insecticide’ Sniper’ in his third attempt to poison his boss and family.

The boy who was standing alongside the insecticide with which he tried to kill the family with , first claimed he wants to commit suicide.

Upon being pressed further by those interrogating him, Uche confessed to attempting to kill his boss’ family after losing N750k which belonged to the man that employed him to fraudsters.

He said that the fraudsters he met at a bus stop in the area of Oyingbo, Lagos, offered to refund the money after it was used for an unspecified business. Uche said only once did he encounter the fraudsters, after which they gave him a cash payment number.

He tried to kill his boss ‘ family with an insecticide when he realized he had lost the money. Nothing happened to the family at his first attempt. At his second trial, the wife of his boss found and poured the soup away. His third attempt, though, captured him.

Here is the video below;