“Tacha is a bloody nobody, her Titans are senseless animals”- Blessing Okoro blows hot (Video)


Blessing Okoro who is blogger of relationships. has hurled insults at Tacha for acting as she is greater than other famous individuals just because she was able to join the Big Brothers in Naija.

Blasting the reality star, Blessing Okoro refers to Angela Okorie’s answer after Tacha calls her ungrateful.

Blessing Okoro claimed that Tacha had no right at all to belittle Angela and that all her so-called “Titans,” which make her feel special are low class animals.

The blogger also stated that Tacha is a bloody nobody, if you remove instagram, as well as her fan base have no sense whatsoever.

Eventually, Blessing claimed that she had nothing to fear because the only thing that Titans could use to fire her was the fact that she had sampled another individual’s home and had trouble with the real landlord of the house “Onye Eze“.

Below is the Video:

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