Speaking with Hero Daniels, she stated that she had given herself a limit on how free she would be with the other housemates, particularly the male ones.


“The housemates thought that I needed every guy, and that’s insane.

How do I need each person and still not be in the house with anyone? I’ve never slept on a man’s bed.

Indeed, as similar as I was to Ozo and me, I actually tried to establish a limit. I may always play with individuals for me, there will still be boundaries, and no one can cross them. Whatever it might be, individuals misinterpreted it.

They felt since I played with the folks, I probably needed them. That was the greatest confusion individuals had about me. Truly, that was one reason I went for Big Brother in any case.

I needed to address the confusion that I was only a fine face. What’s more, I believe I rectified that idea.”