People are quick to criticize Bobrisky, but they don’t have anything similar to what she has in terms of material possessions, according to her.


Before hurling insults at her on social media, she described all the things one must have, including an iPhone Pro Max, bone straight hair worth 700,000 dollars, an initial Rolex watch, and others.

Here’s a list of what he outlined;

“Some of you are quick to insult people here, well before you drop insult under dis video make sure you have d following listed items below dis video as for a girl, as for guys make sure you have shop all dis items for ur girl

1) Make sure your location is ikoyi d George hotel

2) Make sure you have spent 3weeks, not just their regular rooms it must be their suite 175,000 per night

3) Make sure your hair worth 700,000 bone straight 40inches

4) Make sure your earring sets are pure gold from @beckygoldjeweler

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5) Make sure your outfit is statement not trash.

6) Make sure you use an iPhone 12 pro max

7) Make sure you wear correct Rolex.

8) Make sure you are friends with d artist of d song in d background @izzlax

If you can afford all dis items in dis video you are free to insult me, but if you can’t haaaa just shut up and move on”.

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