Mummy Wa, who typically plays Mr. Macaroni’s wife in his comedy skits, expressed her dissatisfaction with the relentless attention of men on her b00bs in an interview with Saturday Sun captured by Gistreel news.


“I think every girl, beautiful or not, has faced sexual harassment before. These include the way people talk to you, what some guys send to you, and some physical touches.

The movie industry is a hiding place for perverts. That’s the truth, because these days, every girl wants to be an actress. Some guys would seize that opportunity and take advantage of the desperate ones. It also happens the other way round, but maybe the guys don’t complain.

A female producer or director will sexually harass them; they would not complain because maybe they like it.”

“Sometimes I feel depressed because I don’t like the attention I get because of my physical features. While some days, I feel sexy, even though people always look at me with lustful eyes. I am happy with myself, my body. I love how I look.”

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Mummy Wa alaways revealed in the interview that what turns her off in a relationship is says it’s dishonesty and lack of respect.

I look out for a hardworking man, who is caring and supportive. Presently, I am dating an entertainer and hoping we get married someday,” she said.