Fewa Otedola’s 21st birthday was celebrated by a young lady who said she has grown to appreciate practically everything about him and would want to marry him since she is unconcerned about his severe autism.




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According to the lady, she has grown to love the cuteness, innocence, simplicity, and almost everything about Fewa Otedola and would love to spend the rest of her life with him regardless of his autism condition because he drives her crazy.

Adding that whenever she sees Fewa Otedola, she doesn’t see his condition but the genuine love she has for him and she’s willing to marry him because he has stolen her heart saying her heart beats only for him and no other man.

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Some netizens think the lady is claiming to be in love with Fewa Otedola because he’s the only son of billionaire Femi Otedola and that is why she’s claiming to be in love with him regardless of his severe autism condition.

Others also think she’s being genuine with her love for Fewa Otedola as love is very magical hence encouraging her to go for her man and shower him with all the love that she has harbored in her heart for him as time goes on.

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