Tom Reynolds, an American, has expressed remorse for exploring artefacts from a séance store in Brooklyn, New York, after an object he purchased forced him to leave his home.


He purchased a scrying mirror, which is thought to be used in the occult for foretelling the future, but the incident that occurred as a result of his purchase was unexpected.

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Tom, who owns a black cat, hung his new black mirror on the wall, hoping it would help him in his quest to become a seer.

Unfortunately, he stepped into the room to see the cat standing on its hind legs, looking into the mirror and gesticulating.

This scared him and forced him to move to his friend’s place, leaving his cat and the occult mirror behind.

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His friend, Matthew Begbie shared the story online along with a photo Tom took before abandoning his house.

According to Matthew, his friend is currently house hunting and wishes to sell off his former house.

See the photo of the cat:

man cat