Jaruma, a well-known businesswoman and aphrodisiac expert, has introduced a new product that she claims is designed to entrap wealthy people with spiritual protection.

Recall that a few weeks ago, Jaruma stated that 7 million women (were circling her neck, pleading for a charm to employ in luring billionaire Obi Cubana.



In a recent development, the sx therapist proudly advertised the new product while assuring the public of its efficacy.

Her revelation has sparked a series of mixed reactions from social media users, with some ladies saying they finally have what they’ve been waiting for.

jaruma pic

Sharing a photo of the product, she wrote; “All rich influential people have Spiritual Protection This is the NEW Protection Breaker so that u can penetrate & get what u want from the person….!!!! This Protection Breaker can be used on BOTH MEN & WOMEN”

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See the post below;


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