As we stated earlier, Mercy Ginikachukwu, also known as Ada Jesus, a prominent eastern based comedienne, was diagnosed with kidney disease around two months ago.

She later released a video from her sick bed to plead for support and prayers from fans and well meaning Nigerians.

While many prayed for her quick recovery, others advised her to go and ask for forgiveness as they claimed she has been abusive to pastors, native doctors and many notable people in most of her videos and that her sickness may not be ordinary.

Some of the notable people she had called out in some of her videos are; Popular native doctor, Chi Marine, Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje, and popular Nollywood actress, Rita Edochie.

Ada Jesus had provoked and dared Chi Marine to do his worse, making mockery of him on Facebook in different occasions that he is fake and can’t do anything to her.

She also accused Prophet Odumeje of faking miracles, and that she has been helping to bring people to fake miracles for him.

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She had also accused Actress Rita Edochie of coming to meet her to bring people for Prophet Odumeje for fake miracles. She also went further to accuse her of having an affair with Prophet Odumeje and that she is a lasbian.

She has since released a video from her sick bed to beg for forgiveness from many people she insulted and accused of different things. Her sickness has however gotten so bad as she can’t get up from her sick bed nor talk.

Her family took her to Chi Marine’s shrine to beg the native doctor for forgiveness. He received them, forgave her and performed some rituals to reverse the curses he had laid on her.

See video below;